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    Default Expat seeking yield

    Hello everyone

    I've been lurking here for a few days and finally signed myself in .

    My my wife and I left NZ to go farming over here in Victoria 25 years ago for a variety of reasons . We've done ok . As of July 1st I have retired from all this . I'm 52 and in good health .

    Originally from Taranaki and still have PI there as well as family .

    Interested in spending time looking at industrial property around the Auckland area. Lots of things to think about. Yields seem to be driven down to about 6%, much like here.

    Just have to keep looking I guess.

    Went to a seminar years ago that Dolf De Roos ran in Melbourne and recall him saying that for every 100 deals that you look at you might find about two worth considering?

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    What is the situation in regard to non resident citizens who wish to purchase residential property?

    If the ban applys to all non all non residents then are there ways around this ?


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