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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Kane View Post
    Oh no!
    The property market is heading for a crash.
    Let's introduce a CGT so that if we sell at a loss, we can claim that loss for a tax refund.
    It's a capital GAINS tax - no mention of claiming losses

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    That was very AKL centric - except for Nick's input.

    Just thinking re the ring fencing...there could be some sell down of negatively geared stock - good for FHBs. Though gone are the days of the spruikers (like Blue Chip etc) flogging off the plan apartments etc to the naive etc, so we're not likely to see a huge increase in property listings.


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    David Chaston says thanks to affordability limits being reached & a range of public policy changes, Auckland home owners ought to buckle in for a prolonged housing market funk
    17 Jan 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by Interest.co.nz
    The Auckland housing markets are clearly in a funk. House prices in the City of Sales are little changed at the end of 2018 from what they were in September 2016. Sales volumes are unusually low. And the commentary around the state of the market is no longer upbeat. But we have had flat periods before. So what do earlier flat periods tell us? What does history suggest?
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