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    Default House relocation company holding my house for ransom

    I'm currently in dispute with my contractor who is the house relocation company. I've subdivided my land and relocating my home to the other section and then eventually plan to build new home on old section.
    The contractor has employed a subcontractor to complete this work. Due to weather delays this has dragged for close to a week and a bit. Work was scheduled for 26Nov but did not start around 3Dec. Issue now is the subbie has had other issues where parts broke on his truck that added another week in delays... for the wet grounds we recommended and paid for sand to make ground stronger as the contractor asked for pile holes to be drilled before the move and had filled up with water due to heavy rains. Anyway long story short the house has almost been relocated to proposed section but off by half metre still..but a part on truck has broken down again at the last minute almost 3 weeks in. We asked contractor to allow another subbie to finish the job as a result who were already scheduled to pile house after these guys completed the move and to allow them to jack the house up as they were going to do that work anyways so the subbie can move his broken truck out. It's now to the point the subbie will not drop the house or let the new sub take over and now our house is still on the subbies truck and won't allow anyone else to take work over. The contractor has effectively terminated his contract and has allowed to let new guy take over and also pay him for the bit the other subbie can't do. We asked him to drop the home where it is and we'll deal with the rest. The issue now looks to be the contractor will not pay his subbie for work done so far as the sub was also doing another job for him relocating another property nearby but because of the delays he has deducted a daily penalty from the sub. Now the contractor and sub are effectively holding our home ransom until the contractor pays the sub for work on our home and the reason has nothing to do with our work but the issue with the other job.. we can't do any further work now.. they stalled it to Xmas after all the issues and all other contractors weve pushed out every week. My family has no home now we are stressed to the absolute max and 2 kids with no home during the holidays. We are trying to negotiate but getting no response from these 2 parties.. what can I do as all I can see is legal action now and we want to settle but not possible..


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