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    Quote Originally Posted by Beano View Post
    I think it is fair the person who triggers the need to pay all the cost
    Ps the tenant who agreed with me is himself a landlord with with about $60m of property and also leases about 20 properties too.
    Well that makes it easier
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    the costs should be apportioned to those who benifit. In this case the alarm is for your benefit as needed by your consent.

    m\on this basis you should pay the outgoings.

    my question is why did you need a n alarm and this didnt trigger alarm for the whole building? Alarms dont usually apply to spaces?
    My space was an addition to the existing building and happened after 2004 so an alarm was required and now the building is subject to a yearly WOF. The WOF applies to the entire building, I was present when the WOF inspection took place and the inspector checked all shops not just my space.

    Thanks for everyone's input, great to hear others thoughts

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    Every issue that happens today you can pretty well guarantee has happen before .


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