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    Quote Originally Posted by flyernzl View Post
    Most people whoi incurr a loss do it during the earlier years of rental property ownership.
    Life becomes easier later in the business.

    Thus the likelihood is that less people will enter into rental property, as under the ring-fencing proposals those crucial first years will become much harder.
    When rental yields and financial returns become financially attractive, it will attract property investors.

    Look at opportunities that arose for those wanting to get into the residential property leasing business in the US and Ireland when rental yields and financial returns became attractive.

    Look at opportunities that arose for those wanting to get into the commercial property leasing business in NZ when rental yields and financial returns became attractive after the 1987 stock market crash. It gave Davo36 an opportunity to purchase his commercial property ...

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    no business likes uncertainty

    and with this lot in power

    there is nothing BUT

    uncertainty about the future profitability of property investing

    look at how their racist "chinese name" headlines of 2016?

    appears to have come back and hurt nz in 2019

    now the chinese - nz tourism year appears to be still-born

    has appeared to have inflicted damage on the chinese tourism market


    An article published in the English version of China's People's Daily newspaper suggests New Zealand has fallen out of favour with Chinese travellers.

    The paper, regarded as the mouthpiece for the Chinese government, quotes a traveller who saved more than $3200 to come to New Zealand but cancelled his plans.

    "Is it a kind of robbery? New Zealand stabbed us in the back but asks for our money? This is double-faced," a Beijing-based worker told the Global Times.

    The 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism was also meant to be launched at Wellington's Te Papa museum next week, but that has been postponed by China.

    We have had a "brilliant relationship" with the Chinese Government, Beijing-based Kiwi businessman David Mahon.

    But he believes that in the last 12 months it has gone into reverse.

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    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Don't worry, a shipment of milk and a Huawei contract and all is well


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