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    Unemployment is measured incorrectly too I reckon.

    They say it's 4.5% or whatever. But it's way higher than that.

    There are 300 to 500k NZers not counted as being unemployed because they are not looking, or employed for 1 hours a week or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Son of G View Post
    Stats NZ already produce 13 sub group indices to show how different groups in NZ are experiencing price rices.
    An excellent reference - thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stats Dept.
    The HLPIs are different from the overall basket of inflation as measured by the consumers price index (CPI). The CPI measures price changes experienced for New Zealand households overall. As a national average, the CPI does not reflect price changes for different groups in society. HLPIs also include mortgage-interest payments in place of 'construction of newly built houses'.
    It would be interesting to have a rent vs own sector differentiation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Son of G View Post
    The real kick in the guts is that government social support increases are often base on the much delayed general CPI but those groups are expiring much higher price increases right now.
    As you observe, there is a nasty 'drag' between the price increases experienced and the indexed benefits being adjusted. The methodology seems to be somewhat different, too. E.g. the mention of mortgage interest as opposed to new house costs. I wonder what variation there is between the CPI for a given period and the Household Living Costs Price Index on a group-by-group basis?

    My woeful maths skills are not good enough to do that, but it is good to see the recognition that different groups effectively experience different inflation rates. Something that's long been suspected. And even acknowledged by the W'gton woodenheads, using the recent [logical fallacy] ACC announcements as a guide.
    Good to see the per societal strata figures in use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff
    New data from Stats NZ shows that whether you're finding it harder to get by depends a lot on who you are. It measures the cost of living through its household living cost price indexes, which compare how inflation affects 13 different groups. This is different to the consumer price index (CPI), which looks at inflation as a whole.
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