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    Default Need Plumbing Advice For New Gas Hot Water Cylinder

    We just had a new gas water cylinder installed yesterday - a Rheem Stellar (to replace a Vulcan Freeloader).

    After the water heated up, the tenants told us that the water was brown. Last night, they had to run the water for a long time before the water turned a little lighter (but still brown). The hot water from the old cylinder was always clear.
    When I asked the tenant about it the next morning (today), the tenant told me the water was clear when they checked this morning.
    Has anyone else experienced this before? Is it normal?

    Another problem is that the overflow pipe drips every second. We noticed that constant drip before the plumber left and brought it to his attention but he said that it's supposed to drip (and will drip more in summer because it's hotter), and that it'll drip up to 8 litres a day. That sounds like an awful lot to me. (I once had a house that was empty for a year because we were trying to sell it, and it had a gas water cylinder as well which we kept on the entire time. If it really dripped so much, the water bill would go up a little, but our water bill for that house showed no usage at all).

    Is what the plumber said about the drip true? Also, could it be dripping more because it's a new cylinder?


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