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    Any concrete contractor will sort you out

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    Oct 2016


    thanks for that. i'll look for a concrete contractor

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    waterproofing is specialist coating

    you dont need the concrete but a reputable specialist applicator with a product that can withstand hydrostatic water pressure and it should go up the wall as well. If not done properly water will track somewhere else and gain entry (at the edges for example). Try Gunac waterproofing

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    Water coming out of the cracks in the floor? This sounds strange. Hopefully this isnít going to cause foundation issues

    Do you have any photos?

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    I'm not worried about foundation issues,
    There is a very fine hairline that water comes out when the rain is heavy as the concrete floor is below ground level.
    If the house falls down I'll build another one.

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    dampness is more a health issue for occupants. if you have free water from a crack you may well have evaporation through concrete as well.Tape a shett of plasic to the floor and leave for 24hrs. (See what you have under the film then? The plastic captures vapour).

    A surface coating stops vapour and is cost effective

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    Ok thanks. Do you mean coating like bitumen?

    When it rains heavy, water actually comes through as I think the ground gets very saturated

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    no most paints are simply pushed off by water pressure unless the pressure is onto the surface
    You need a specialist coating
    Talk to someone like Gunac waterproofing they have a range of products..Gunac.co.nz.

    another option is drains uphill of water that might be getting under floor. Draincoils can intercept the flow and lower water table, but this drained water needs to have somewhere to go.....
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