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    Default Asbestos in vinyl flooring

    Hi Guys, I am currently getting some renovations (bathroom, toilet and kitchen) done in a 1970s era brick house in South Auckland NZ. I have signed a building contract for the renovation work which has started on the bathroom. After reading on the net it has come to my attention that the vinyl flooring/its adhesive in the bathroom (which was disturbed during installation of the new shower) may contain asbestos. This is because of my suspicions around the age of the house being built in the 1970s. Is there any way of knowing for sure if the flooring type actually is asbestos and shouldn't the contractors involved asked the right questions before work began? Is the bathroom safe to use in this state as I have boarders and cant yet afford to have the bathroom floor done properly for a while and there is damaged lino and exposed flooring. Cheers

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    You can get it tested for about $80 - google asbestos testing lab in your city. You’ll need to carefully cut a small sample, double bag it in a ziplock bag and drop off. You should get the answer the next day.

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    Hi ok thanks for the tip, will do that


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