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    They also offered a free 1 hour consult, which I'll likely take advantage of.
    Read: Property mentoring sales pitch for one hour.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    I can teach you everything you need in 20-30 minutes on a Skype call next week. Free. I'm recovering from shoulder surgery and have some time on my remaining hand. You'll need to take the notes tho :-) You don't need a paid mentoring program.

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    I second what Ross said about the Facebook group. As well as the same types of discussions you see on here, you see plenty of real examples of people's purchases, how they've added value, bought cashflow-positive in regional areas, etc. with photos and figures.
    As well as investors ranging from the extremely experienced to the wannabe, there are a whole range of related industry professionals (agents, lawyers, accountants, PMs etc.)

    You will find a diversity of investors with a range of strategies. Might be an idea to consider a few different ones and decide what suits you best. Sounds like you're a buy-and-hold, but what? Three bedrooms on a subdivisible section? Two units on one title? Somewhere you can add another bedroom? Inner city brick & tile units? Rent-by-the-room?
    Whom do you want to rent to? Groups of students or young career starters? Retirees? Mum, Dad and the kids? A young couple? Single parent with one kid? Executives on transfer?
    Lots to mull over.

    To be honest, for your first purchase, I'd be steering clear of apartments with Body Corps. Extra layer of hassle and potential problems that you don't need. Assuming your servicing is ok, the money you have to spend will go quite a way in the regions.
    My blog. From personal experience.

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    Thanks for the further insight, advice and commentary all.

    I figure you're right Davo on the sales pitch, if the information is available through the likes of Nick, the FB page, etc then can do without it.

    And good questions all Sidinz, I'm reasonably open except for the fact I wouldn't be wanting to do this as a social project taking over those better served by HNZ. I cannot afford to getting started out of the gate. So would need the tenants of the first investment property I go in on to have a reasonably stable financial position. But then if that's a young couple, retirees, dad and kids, mum and kids, dad and dad and kids - that's of less importance. (Excepting of course the understanding that naturally kids will apply a bit more wear and tear potentially!)

    Nick, I'll drop you a message to see if we can arrange a time that suits.


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