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    Default Prurient Predictions

    We do so need almost a sub-forum for such things, but this will have to do.

    Proven-to-be-false, empty-headed and vacuous predictions are scattered all over the PT Forums. Mostly to do with interest rates, boom and bust cycles, growth / stagnation in certain localities and house prices. General health / malaise for the NZ economy comes after them.

    One of the hardest to prove / disprove and easiest to be forgotten (and don't the enunciators know that!) is the proverbial 'political promise.'

    Here's one from today.

    Taxcindarella, bedecked in hi-vis vest, riding the gravy train [via Shane Jones' slush fund, courtesy of the hapless taxpayer] announced :
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff
    KiwiRail's Coastal Pacific passenger service is getting a $40 million investment, making it a year-round service. The cash boost, through the Provincial Growth Fund, is expected to bring $82m into the Marlborough-Kaikoura region by 2027, creating up to 400 jobs.
    bring $82m into the Marlborough-Kaikoura region by 2027

    Oh? From where?

    creating up to 400 jobs.

    How will that be verified, in the days / weeks / months / years ahead?

    It won't, of course.

    And don't the W'gton woodenheads know that!

    Anyone heard of Ashburton? Ashburton's 500 job vacancies will cost local economy $16m this year

    I know! Let's re-locate Ashburton to the Kaikoura coast. Now! There's a great political idea.

    It's all about creating expectations. None of which are ever likely to happen.

    Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


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