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    Default Kenepuru Landing - worth it?

    So Kenepuru Landing is a new subdivision in Porirua. Do you guys think it's worth buying an investment property there to hold for a while say 5-10 years? With transmission gully opening in 2020 i guess the value of the area should go up quite a bit.
    Keen you hear your views?


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    There's also Plimmerton Landing too. Lots of land opening up - hundreds of new homes. Are you thinking of getting a new build off the plans?


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    Porirua in general is a good investment. The government has announced $1.5b in upgrades for Eastern Porirua and Titahi Bay, TG coming towards completion is going to make traveling into Wellington city at peak hour a car park from from Tawa so I suspect businesses will consider setting up in Porirua a better outcome for their employees who can commute north from Wellington without traffic and from Kapiti in the north on TG without getting caught up in the traffic jam into Wellington city. PCC population growth projection numbers are strong for the next couple of decades.

    Is Keneperu landing a good investment - time will tell but it’s proximity to the CBD, train station and amenities make it worth a look.

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    Hi Edwin, good to see you around here.

    Will be interesting to see if the properties can break even yield-wise. Unless the land is cheap (which it won't be, Carrus play the very long game) or the building costs are low (which they won't be) or council costs are low (see where I'm going here) it's hard to see it. I agree with Hype's long-term assessments but, and I may be wrong in this whole new high-rent world, I can't see the yields stacking up. Would love to be proven wrong.

    Wellington has an opportunity to borrow from Japan's public transport system and have buses running into a train station, not all into the city. Then add more trains.

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    Yeah, i'm not too sure of how it will fair so planning on waiting an year to see how things develop before making a decision

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    Carrus do good subdivisions. I think Kenepuru will be like sardines for the most of it, townhouses, multi unit and stand alones as close as they can get to each other. I wouldn’t want to live in it but I think it will be saved by having the day care, playgrounds, cafes in there.

    I think there could be problems with traffic coming out from raiha and turning onto Kenepuru drive

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    Hi Edwin, Are you a speculator or an investor?

    Speculator - guessing what will happen with values and hoping for big gain.

    Investor - look at creating own gains, through buying well, adding value and cashflow. Generally aiming for long term passive income.

    You can do well through either, but obviously being a speculator is higher risk.

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