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    Default Anyone used My Rent?

    Has anyone used My Rent to advertise their property for rent?
    I have just listed a property and it is promoted across 4 sites for a small sum. Admittedly, I will have to answer the emails, show the property and do the whole deal but seems such a deal when TM alone would have charged me $169 just to list with them alone.

    Anyone else used them, any catches?

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    The catch is always traffic.
    How many people even know about it let alone go there.
    I am all in favour of startups taking on TM, but would not pay for a listing at any of them until they demonstrate they have traffic that is relevant to the ad.

    I have had free ads with all the new platforms but none have generated any traffic.
    I have ads with FB and not a single person that has enquired has actually turned up at the arranged time.
    Theres no commitment to taking action when a user just comes across an ad and thinks "that might be interesting".

    Whereas those looking for a place to rent go to the most well known place TM straight off.
    So unfortunately we are stuck with TM until someone is willing to promote the hell out of their new site and get real and ongoing traffic to it.
    Anyone who thinks they can just set up a site and get people to pay for listings before they have established traffic is diluding themselves

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    The good thing is, for the fee, you do get on TM. Also the MyRent site, realestate.co.nz, OneRoof and Homes.co.nz. 4 sites for the one fee, not even the TM price for the listings.

    Like you, I have tried FB, sadly nothing but lots of tyre kickers. Being linked to FB you can look at their page, none have looked to be ..... "serious" .

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    It seems to be getting some popularity but I don't use it.
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    I've used them couple of times only because it was cheaper than going direct to TM. Can't really say anything as they haven't actually done anything except listing the property using description I wrote and photos I took


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