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    Default Wellington or Christchurch for investment property


    Wellington or Christchurch better for a long term investment property.

    I see that wellington house prices increased dramatically last three years and houses are being sold at least 100k above RV. Not sure it will keep increasing but I believe it has reached max.

    Christchurch is more affordable and but not sure about the future of the city in terms of capital growth.

    Thank you

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    Either or neither.

    At the moment I wouldn't be gambling on capital gains.

    Instead I would be trying to add value through subdivision, minor dwelling, duplex's etc. Then if market does dip slightly you just lose some of your equity gains and not your original investment.

    Plus these ideas are generally better for cashflow. If you can buy with positive cashflow, does it matter what happens to the value?

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    had a chuckle at this sentence ;-)
    Not sure it will keep increasing but I believe it has reached max.
    Property isn't like buying shares where it's a generic market, you only need one great deal. We just helped a client buy a property that will realize him nearly $100K in instant equity and great cashflow... Wellington. You can also create your own destiny - I've added 6 figures positive cashflow to my own portfolio since after the Wellington market supposedly "went" in 2016, while in ChCh we're seeing good buying in a more traditional buyers market (buy, add value/cashflow now and get further value/cashflow from the market as the supply imbalance shifts. You have to be careful because tenants have more choice for now, but the same opportunities are there.

    Don't know about passive capital gains. They tend to appear everywhere over time. It's better to control your outcome.
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