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    It's looking like dispute tribunal will be the outcome now. We are going to try expand the REA complaint from just the agent, to include the company and director, as they gave us questionable advice and have tried to avoid responsibility.

    We still need an appropriate but cost-effective way of valuing the error. We don't have $800 for QV to do one. I wonder if some agent valuations would suffice? Do banks do valuations?

    So far, we have our own assessment of how much we paid over what we would have, and we have the RE directors assessment of how much less the property is worth without the adjacent title being reserve land ($5k - $15k).

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    Valuer valuation will suffice, not agent or bank valuations. Valuing the effect of a hypothetical vs present reality is specialist work....I just don't think anything else would hold sufficient weight with the Tribunal.

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    My recollection of the RAA complain form is they ask what outcome you are seeking. I would ask them to clarify why it was not disclosed or misrepresented during the sales process

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    Thanks everyone, we decided not to pursue the issue. It was starting to come between our enjoyment of buying our first home. We are all moved in now and love it!

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    i have a question. can reserve land become developed in the future?


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