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    Default Recommend apartment sale specialist


    My friend is after a Auckland City apartment sale specialist. Can anyone recommend a sale agent?

    Your welcome to PM me.

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    must be about 50? 'apartment specialists' in ak

    all will hope to sell you something from 'their' limited offerings

    which are unlikely to be 'the best' fit for your friend....

    IF your friend knows what they are looking for and is prepared to wait at least a few months...

    scanning tm daily and going to the weekly ray white + city sale auctions (possibly barfoots too) is probably the best way to start

    but they'll need to

    - have their funds sorted before bidding at any auctions

    - be prepared to go to open homes

    - do some due diligence

    - accept some risk



    pm me if you like
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    Is your friend buying or selling?
    If buying, any agent will do.
    If selling, send the top 20 agents with the most apartment listings an email about one of their listings.
    Of the agents who reply (a lot won't) select the one who seems to know what they are doing.


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