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    Quote Originally Posted by JBM View Post
    Yes I agree I didn't really get any great knowledge gain on "peter Aranyi" Commercial property book .. IMHO its more commercial property for dumbies ..aka if you know nothing about commercial then your enjoy it ..

    I personal think commercial property books from overseas would be fine around smart ideas on dealing with tenants and pro's cons of what type of commercial property to buy ..

    Reading all the posts on PropertyTalks Commercial thread will give you more knowledge IMHO than the likes of Peter Aranyi basic book
    And catch up with some of the many commercial property investors ...in person !

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    You should read whatever you can get your hands on whether from abroad or local. If you resonate with just 1 or 2 ideas from a whole book then its worth while. Different investors have different risk profiles. For the mum and dad investor its often a small unit or multi unit property they start with so that if there is one non paying tenant then its not such a hurt. Its a good place to start , you will learn by doing and further reading. The next property you can be confident to take a bigger bite.

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    Anyone thinking of selling their book 'Good Commercial Sense' by Karina Barrymore? Please let me know. Be real happy to buy it from ya. Cheers.


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