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    Post White marks on roof

    Hi there

    Just wondering if someone can tell me what these white marks on a roof means, how to get rid of it, and can I just leave it as it? It's worse on the south facing side.

    White marks on roof (north facing):

    Non-white marks on the other side of roof (east facing):

    Roof it seems is tile or some sort.

    Is it salt or tile absorbing water and needs replacing?


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    It could be seagull poo

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    can yo put up better pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimO View Post
    can yo put up better pictures?
    Those are the only photos I have.

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    if its colour steel it could be the colour wearing off, leaving the white undercoat behind, lots of 20 year old colour steel roofs doing this

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    Best sort it before 25 December or Santa will think he's already been there and fly right past.

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    Are there any leaks as a result of it? It looks as if its a tile roof so probably just due to the weather....perhaps see if you can spray something like 'spray and walk away' and see if it comes off or combine it with a pressure wash....
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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