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    Default Question about freestanding baths

    we have just got our bathroom renovated, did everything properly through the council using an approved builder and plumber, just went to get signed off yesterday, and the building inspector has now turned around and said our freestanding bath now needs to be fixed , anyone know if this has to be done? As if it is fixed it will not be a freestanding bath then? And there is no where to fix as I am sure there are no feet just a moulded

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    What part of the country are you? Is this an EQ consideration? get a second opinion from a senior council inspector. WC pans need to be fixed to floor or they can be unstable but this can be a sealant joint properly done. Baths are naturally stable.

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    we are just outside Rotorua, it maybe have something to do with EQ, but think the inspector was being pedantic as he couldnít find any other problems, we have took advice from who we purchased the bath through, itís common practise amoung their installers to mastic the feet and base, this has been good enough in the past , we do have another inspection coming up so will see if this is good enough.


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