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    While not disputing the need for elimination of plastic packaging, I find Countdown's approach very disingenuous.
    For starters, they are making a mint on selling supposedly multi-use bags for 15c each. I've seen so many people caught out and buying them that it's not funny. Nothing with an attached (not integral) handle will last long and that plastic is not very high grade, either.
    I've also heard that the 'permanent' bags that they're charging $1 for are actually very environmentally unfriendly in the manufacture - worse than the so-called 'single use' bags they're supposed to replace.

    If they were truly environmentally responsible, instead of charging for other plastic bags, they'd be offering people the used cardboard boxes a la Bunnings.

    And finally, given the massive amounts of money they're now saving from not supplying free bags (not to mention the profits from the charged bags) where are the price reductions? Their operating costs have dived and I haven't seen any sign of it on my docket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
    Oh gosh what paper was I in.
    So many interviews...

    This one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidinz View Post
    While not disputing the need for elimination of plastic packaging, I find Countdown's approach very disingenuous.
    That's what I'm now thinking.
    It's just a big con by Countdown to tug at the heartstrings.
    Riding the wave of Jacinda and the new way of living/thinking.
    Environment friendly.
    Apparently a lot of people support this approach.
    I can't see anything in it for me.
    And the amount of rubbish leaving my house hasn't changed.
    I think that says it all.

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    Progressive Enterprises & Foodstuffs play cat and mouse and copycat on all sorts of things.
    Mega M10 have dropped plastic bags, too.
    Locally, I see that New World have recently implemented the Internet-order-and-home-delivery option.
    Coming soon.
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    Countdown shopping arrives in paper bags - seems to work they're really strong. Haven't experienced the rain yet though - so if Countdown deliver to the door and you're not home and it rains - the bags get wet - I guess any breakages etc are at your expense.

    Still it's a good move by them to use the paper bags as they were way to liberal with the plastic ones.


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    seems to be offering 20 cent brown paper bags

    no handles...
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