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    You'll get a good laugh from this one . . .
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff
    At Countdown, $1 bags can be used until the end of their life and replaced for free. But one Countdown customer said stores were replacing her bags before they were ready to be binned. "Without asking she threw it into the bin next to her desk and grabbed a new one. "I said my old one was fine but she simply replied 'It's free'." It had happened several times, she said.
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    I went to Briscoes on the weekend and bought four bulky bedding items.

    When I got to the counter, they informed me that they no longer had plastic bags, but could sell me a reusable bag for $1. Now, all four of my items would have fit very nicely into one of their old super-sized plastic bags, but would have only just fit one per bag, in these 'eco' ones, costing me $4 for the privilege of carrying my purchases to the car.

    Somewhere, someone, in the dark, distant past, recognised that an outfit that specialised in selling homewares would need to provide extra large bags, but no longer. Customer convenience is no longer a consideration.

    Not being willing to part with $4 for bags of dubious eco merit, I had no option but to put my purchases down on the hot, dirty, carpark asphalt while I got out my keys and unlocked the door.

    Given that there are plastic bag alternatives already in existence (corn, hemp etc.) one can only surmise that businesses are latching onto this greenwashing as a reason to justify appalling customer service.
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    Well yeah, but:

    1) You could have taken a bag or bags.
    2) You could have made a few trips to the car and back.

    and maybe you could have put them on the bonnet or roof instead of the asphalt?

    Having said all that, I did do a similar thing the other day at the supermarket. Bought like 10 items, go the checkout, which is when I always realise I've left my reusable bags in the car. So then I paid 15c for a reusable one...

    What I should have done is gotten a trolley and put the items in there.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    I buy small kitchen tidy bags (Homebrand) from Countdown - identical to the old shopping bags.
    Roll of 40 for about $2.50.


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