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    Quote Originally Posted by McDuck View Post
    ha brilliant.
    What about, nothing, you strong arm your tenant to pay.
    Because you are a petty person.( too much?)
    Seems legit


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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceman View Post
    Seems legit

    I was thinking,

    What would prompt a petty business man to act in a non petty manner.

    And I took the example of a normal shop, say a local dairy.

    A dairy owner figures out that return customers and profit are linked to fair, friendly and reasonable behavior.

    And the control mechanism is local community word of mouth.

    and the other dairy just round the corner.

    Social justice and free markets working hand in hand for the common good.

    With our situation, the Landlord is acting in secret ( \more or less) and the alternative accommodation is not there (or in short supply).


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