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    Default Exempt plumbing work to move a laundry

    Hi there,

    New on this site but hoping to get some advice before getting a plumber in or speaking to the Council.

    We have a 4 bed 1 bath house with laundry in the house, as well as a games room converted from a double garage (this was done in the 70's), which opens into an indoor pool room. Inside the pool room is a small changing room with a toilet and hand basin. What we want to do is utilise the existing cold water plumbing and shift our laundry into the games room, against the wall which backs onto the changing room (where the cold water supply is). We also want to update the toilet and vanity to newer ones.

    We recently replaced our kitchen inside and kept the old cabinets and sink. Am I right to say that if we eliminate our laundry tub inside and add a new sink and washing machine in the rumpus room, this is exempt as we haven't added any extra sanitary fixtures? Does it matter if we use the old kitchen cabinets and sink, or does it need to be a laundry tub? If we add a laundry to the games room, does that then mean we are altering it and the entire games room will need to meet the current building code?

    Finally, is it relatively easy to then get consent to use the old laundry space inside to add a second bathroom to the main house, given that we moved the laundry as exempt building work (it's a typical solid 1960's house)?

    Thanks in advance!


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