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    Default Quote to lift and repile house ($26,220) - thoughts?

    I have had a well-known house-removal company inspect my house and provide a quote to have it repiled. The gentleman was only here for 10 minutes max, simply measured a few parts of the house and that was all.

    I was hoping someone could let me know if their quote is fair? I am still waiting to hear back from another company for a comparison quote.

    My home is a 1930s cottage with a floor area of 100m2 (give or take), quite sunken in some areas with very little access. I can see under part of the house and can see rotten bearers, and know a lot of floorboards need replacing. The majority of the house has timber flooring, while a small section plus illegal add-on (which we will remove) is on concrete foundations.

    Here is there quote:

    "### will uplift building and install it onto foundations (allowing for 80x600m pile and 6 meters of concrete), making $26,220 (inclusive of GST).

    Special conditions:
    *client to disconnect side garage and take off the back bit as discussed
    *client to take the side porch off
    *if possible ### will raise the front verandah
    * ### will put piles in for the main part of the house which still has a concrete floor (-this is only a small dining area, open plan to lounge that is a step up from it)
    * this building is very close to the ground. there would be an additional charge for materials and labour should any subfloor timber need replacing

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    Crikey! I don't know if thats high for these days (I moved a house about 20 years ago) but I would definitely get more quotes and a (written) estimation of the cost to replace rotten joists, floorboards etc (including advice) from a couple of builders first - if the moving company charge extra to do it at the time, you have NO control over what they will charge you and there are definitely some rip off outfits out there... $26,000 seems very high to me for a small (one piece) lift? The house I moved was probably more than twice as large as yours (4 b/r weatherboard farm house with large kitchen and lounge) and they delivered it to the land, had a BBQ breakfast and started work. They lowered it on to jacks, put the piles in, cemented them and fixed the building to the piles - all completed the same day; from memory there were about 5 or 6 workers. Depending on how many workers they have of course, in my mind yours (minus any timber replacements) should not take any longer than mine and even for a full week's work $26,000 sounds like an awful lot when they dont have a lot of outgoings, extra costs - transporting permits, trucks to move it etc? Also remember to take photos all the way through - just in case you need them later... May I suggest looking for repilers as opposed to moving company and also putting an advert on Builderscrack.co.nz - anyone who does work through this site gets feedback so you can read any on their previous work, including service, communication etc. Good Luck
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    why are you removing the unapproved add on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    why are you removing the unapproved add on?
    It is an odd setup. The add-on has been added to the rear of the house and the inside "wall" of the add-on is technically the weatherboards and windows that would have been there originally, and the outer-wall is rotten on the outside and I believe the flashings were done incorrectly as water runs under when there is very heavy rain and there is evidence of historic leaks in this area of roof. It's just a mess and we make no use of the two extra "rooms/walkway to garage" it has given us. The add-on also makes one of the original rooms in the inside of the house with windows through to the add-on. I would prefer it to be a deck eventually.

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    You make complete sense - my thoughts exactly! It was very disheartening to see him simply measure a few areas of the house and not even look underneath until I asked him to as he was leaving! Definitely will talk to some repilers and builders first, and great idea of taking photos - thanks!


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