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    Default New idea for those door knobs that smash walls.

    With probably one of the best product names in existence, the Knob Gobbler is a device that not only protects your doors from damaging your walls when you open them, but also gives you more room when your door is open by having the doorknob go directly into the wall instead of stopping at the wall. The Knob Gobbler gives you just a few extra inches of room when your door is open which makes it great for people in wheelchairs, elderly people using walkers, moving large furniture without having to take the door off of its hinges, or maybe you just had a few too many cheeseburgers that day. Plus, you know... the name Knob Gobbler just has a certain ring to it.


    Great idea.

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    catchy name

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    Brilliant. What a simple idea!

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    doubt you will be seeing them on Grand Designs any time soon

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    To be fair you’re unlikely to see any of my rentals on grand designs either


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