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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    It's not a matter of what actually constitutes "poverty mentality." Rather, is it not certain behaviours that indicate such a mental state is dominant?

    The usual claptrap is abroad about coffee and mashed avocado on ciabatta bread, but is the malaise not so much deeper than that? Indeed, am I being unduly harsh? Is it even fair to call it a malaise, or affliction?

    In your perception, what attributes and behaviours are strong indicators of a person possessed of "poverty mentality?"
    What is "the poverty mentality"?
    This is the first time I've heard of the phrase.
    Who invented it and where did you first hear it?

    Is it some sort of get rich quick motivational speaker mumbo jumbo or a serious sociological or psychological term?

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    I thought so.

    Rich dad poor dad ideas in another guise I think.

    And when we scratch the surface of that particular ideology we find nothing, no money magic, nothing, just Hawaii - and what happens when it gets used as a U.S. military base.

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    1 of the symptoms of

    a poverty mentality

    is an endless request for answers

    as working it out yourself

    is deemed too hard
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    I'll bite.

    If we look at this "poverty mentality" gobbledygook as a sad way of trying to figure out what makes some people rich and what makes some people poor..
    Then the answers are obvious.
    Things like impulsive behavior, short term thinking, aggressive vs passive personalities.
    Cultural norms and so on.
    Values also.

    But Eri, I really can't agree with you that: thinking about what you do before you do it, is ever a problem.
    While only thinking and never doing on the other hand, is.

    I've looked at many people who are struggling financially.
    looked really deeply, and tried to walk in their shoes.
    Sure it's a mentality.
    Can they change what causes it?
    Modern biology gives them a 50% chance.
    I say that because their social group is most of the remaining 50%.

    So, not without great difficulty.

    ps. the wider picture of poverty is mostly about wars, over population to resources and despotic governments.
    ..and.. alcohol and gambling for rich white world folks.
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