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    For me, Commercial much more attractive in the present market of very High residential values

    #1 - both parties work on a business level .. we both want long-term leases and well-presented properties

    #2- All outgoings paid (I even have my commercial tenant to re-paint and if ever leaves must re-paint whatever color I want)
    I even checked my property recently and the tenant had fitted a new large heat pump in the retail area (was going to it but happy they took care of it)

    #3-Good net yields ... So many residential look good to you take out all the costs and high ongoing Maintainance

    ----Still plently of rubbish commercial I wouldn't tounch but personal good grade commercial property everyday of the week over Res at current

    Both very different in many levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davo36 View Post
    These days when we manage to build a house, the prime minister shows up!
    In an ideal world - housing would not allowed to be politicised.

    One housing agenda and a long term plan and investment agreed upon (not just by Politicians). Just think where we'd be now if we could just get out of the way so progress could happen.

    Who isn't over seeing Jacinda and Phil T at a housing PR campaign?


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    I would go for commercial just because it is more stable. For example there is a good business for ale in Greece which is going to bring some good money. You can look on Tranio website some options. I know that some people prefer to buy bars, restaurants or hotels. So anything that is involving touristic sector because it brings money all the time.

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    Why is this attractive investment ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluecoat View Post
    Why is this attractive investment ?
    Only because absolutely everything is over priced (by historical norms).

    And you get nothing by leaving your cash in the bank.
    Squadly dinky do!


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