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    It's likely that one share will not be sufficient (there's reference in the section to the word "wholly"), and the courts may construe it as a way to get around the substantive intent of the section. You might find it hard to prove that the tenancy arises "wholly" because of just one share of dubious economic value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 007Chip View Post
    I fail to understand why landlords do not use the law to their advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keys View Post
    I fail to understand why landlords do not use the law to their advantage.
    Yeah stupid article just like always. In which way squatters fall under RTA??? Did they have a "squatting" tenancy agreement or something? Her actual tenant left as he should have so in her situation I'd visit MY property with MY rifle and kick any shit out and if they're lucky without additional holes in their arses...


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