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    Quote Originally Posted by BDub View Post
    Yep, Iíve come to the forums to spy on people who try to overrun our operations. I notice our satellites cannot get to your brain since your tin foil hat reflects off. Itís okay, we will wait until you take it off.

    We have gathered your info and we are passing it onto branz, we are going to stop the new builds having insulation and we are after your thoughts on double glazing, if that does not help with warmer healthier homes will will also remove that from the building code. Please let us know on anything else that isnít worth while.

    Not too fussed about the spell check, sitting here on a smart phone that I can barely see and fingers that take up 4 letters.
    any idea why there is no requirement for a landlord to provide curtains in a rental? I once heard something about glass being easy for heat to escape a house.

    Seems like a good idea to me to insulate everywhere but not need to do anything about heat loss through the glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsvee View Post
    Not if the tenant doesn't open the curtains during the day. See it in a HNZ house near me and net curtains are mostly black now.
    True - exceptions to prove the rule.
    Someone doesn't open curtains so noone gets the benefit of the sun?
    There is a downside to everything if you look hard enough - just not the sad world I live in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDub View Post
    I think the supply of the main heating source should be it, i.e heat pump in living room. The option of LLís supplying portable heating devices seems too far. Could end up supplying one set of slippers if your property has hardwood floors if it carryís on
    I've noticed the quality of your thinking.


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