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    But if you're old enough to remember 87 then you know that RADA, Goldcorp, etc. all 100% failed. Time didn't fix that. 181 companies delisted, mostly in receivership. In fact I think only F and P of the big names in the 80's still exist. So always higher risk to me. Brierley, Chase, Renouf, Capital markets.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsvee View Post
    The sales will release the leveraged funds so I can start to play with them. Otherwise all my current funds are from previous investments that are now reallocated.

    Those who want to do property I can only wish all the best, and hopefully they bag some bargains.

    As for the returns - Southern Cross Partners. Returns from 6.25% to 8% secured. I have money invested with them but have no other interests/involvement other than that.
    Secured against property of borrower. Risk/return depends on a lot things like property valuation, loan amount, serviceability , etc etc.

    Its a hands off investment compared to peer to peer lending.


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