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    Default Why are we frittering away big bucks on compensation?

    "How many news scribes bothered to read Housing New Zealand's (HNZ) methamphetamine contamination report last week, before rushing to join the feeding frenzy of condemnation?Did any of them peruse the full report before being played like a fiddle by the master of choreography, Housing Minister, Phil Twyford?

    The average news consumer was left with the distinct impression that HNZ mercilessly turfed hundreds, if not thousands, of law-abiding, responsible innocents out onto the streets, rendering these "victims" homeless, on the back of their "bogus testing" regime.

    Much of the commentary in HNZ's 188-page report has been pasteurised to please the ideological persuasions of their political masters. But buried beneath the spin and fluff, some searing facts provide some sobering context about the scourge of meth in state housing and how the agency arguably acted in good faith."

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    Because it's so much easier than achieving 10,000 KiwiBuild homes per year.
    Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


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