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    Default Big opportunities for landlords united

    RTA changes and Health & Safety regulations rolling in like an unstoppable train and it would be unwise for LLs stopping at the railway crossing. We’ve completed all rental upgrades and know about the non-rent-deductable and related costs, to be capitalized, and the increased expenses for housing driven by govt regulations that LLs have to pay on behalf of their tenants like levies on-charged for local services, water, sewer, storm-water, rubbish collection, regional maintenance and council services to residents.

    The government already admitted the impact on rents, so to each tenancy we have been sending out the notes with the increased amount of rent.

    If landlords united are sending out these notes as soon as we do that might trigger a landslide of complaints especially from “renters united”. Even NZPIF could guide their members for a smooth transition onto the deadline July 2019 and beyond.

    N.B. For me the positive side-effect of insulating rentals is having cleaned out dumped rubbish hidden under rental homes - that has triggered a new approach to conduct and the frequency of property inspection in the future. Any other lessons learned?
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    We've done ours too... we added lawns and bins to our new rental, included in then weekly rent - not optional. The rent reflects that cost on top of the increased rents driven by the mandatory upgrades.

    This is has been a very profitable exercise - where we had happy long term tenants paying about $260-$280/wk we've upgraded - heat pump, insulation and while we're at it added new carpet and an internal paint with the new rent at $395/wk. last week we advertised our latest upgrade - in a week 30 inquiries.

    Because were doing them all, great discounts from all suppliers keeping costs down, capital increase due to improved properties and as they're rentals valuers value based on a cap rate so wins all round.

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    Whazziz LL United you speak of, Klauster?
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