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    Quote Originally Posted by em720 View Post
    But someone else might perhaps look at it differently and enjoy the house and it’s location whilst it’s still standing!
    Thanks for your post
    Thanks em720,
    Valid points and understood. I’m a lucky one, having fixed everything in my pass so far. Started with the worst house in the street - and after 10 years, people would say “over capitalized”, underfloor heating, double glazing, solar ventilation… nice to live in. Have also taken a run-down state-house as trading property, developed and sold.

    Figuring out the problem areas and estimating the consequences in terms of risk, work and money requires experiences. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck with everything.

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    put a moisture detection system in now before you buy


    it may give you the confidence you need
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    How much is your health and peace of mind worth?
    On the other hand, if you buy it or property isn't selling see if are able to get professional to do a through test including ripping out "wet" and flashings probe areas to give you some rough idea.

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    Looks like an insurance policy to avoid structural damage.

    For residential homes I would prefer some kind of active protection. E.g. I installed more than 15years ago a water leak protection system, that shut off the water supply if water detected (washing machine, dishwasher, plumbing leak, etc). The link between water sensors and remote controlled shut-off valve is wireless.
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    Yep that’s what my mother always said! Worst house in the best street. I think investing in proper heating and insulation is an excellent idea. I’m very intrigued by the passive house standards that Europe have got - I see one has been built down near Queenstown. I hope to see NZ heading that way in the future, at least towards high quality insulation, and central heating.

    Yes I think experience is key, and isn’t what I have - so I think we will start with a more manageable, and enjoyable, project, and go from there.

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    Hi BlueSky, we’ve decided our health and well-being is not worth severely compromising with the house. We’ve decided to leave it to a more experienced buyer, who can have it turned around fast, without having to live in it.

    If we were going to go for it, your advice on a through test would definitely be taken, thank you!

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    Thanks John, I will check the link out!

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    Klauster that sounds like a very smart system! Was it expensive / a pain to install?

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    Hi em720, Price in $US can't remember, electronic devices are certainly not expensive, nor the installation of the shut-off valve into the incoming water main, and installing battery powered sensors is an easy DIY job.

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    Hi Em 270,

    Why don't you get a couple more prices then compare them and then you'll know whether its reasonable or not.

    Most situations involving water and leaks transpire into additional costs once the cavity is opened up, very rarely there won't be any additional work once exposed.

    You've pretty much covered most avenues with doing what you've already done....
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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