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    Wink Can ex motel units be converted to unit titles?

    Good Afternoon,

    I'm looking at purchasing an old motel. It has a 3 bedroom 'stand alone' house at the front. At the rear of the 3 bedroom house are 6 one bedroom units. All concreteblock (circa late70's). All the units are seperated by firewalls, all have seperate stormwater. Each unit has its own power.

    The land area is 1135sq. I'm unsure at this stage on it's Zoning. Probably Residential /light industrial. There are is only one entrance to each unit (no back doors,just a solid wall).

    I will be contacting a town planner and surveyor but.....
    Is there anyone whose done this before? Is there anything that may stop the seperation? I understand the details are limited. Please prompt me for more if this helps you give advice.



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    living court and service court and parking requirements need to be considered planner will advise.

    There is nothing that stops this from a building point of view. It is a different "use" but as less onerous requirements apply tpo a multidwelling (c.f. motel) then this is not a change of use so dont let council make you upgrade code clauses unless you want that. S116A subdivision requirement applies but shouldnt impact on this

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    Thanks John, appreciate the feed back. There's one parking bay allocated per unit and two for the front house. Cheers

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    there are a few apartment buildings in auckland

    that started life as motels etc.

    but have since been converted to individual title
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Cheers Eri.


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