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    Default property manager advice to tennant

    HI Guys,

    Is it common for property managers to advice tenants that they are not to clean ceilings as it is unsafe? I have sold a property in Whanagarei and the tenant is refusing to clean the ceilings which they dirtied by not running the fan while showering (mould) as the property manager advised them not to? Settlement is Friday.

    I have asked if this is company policy for the management company but have not yet had a reply.

    After everyones thoughts on this matter.

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    Jeez, grow up.
    Sell the place.
    Move on.
    Don't buy another.

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    Hmmm settlement is Friday I found out about this late yesterday I live in Auckland and the property is on Whangarei so I canít get up there before settlement to do it myself and the new owners want it done.

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    pay someone to do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
    pay someone to do it
    So in this scenario you would be happy to cover the cost? Property manager has no policy on this.í As they canít show me the policy anywhere. It is the tenants responsibility to leave the property as they found it. There is a perfectly good fan and windows they could have used as precious remnants havnt left the roof with mould.
    Iím amazed that you guys think this is a landlords responsibility.

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    No, not the landlords responsibility. You have three days to get it done. You have the tenants bond on hold. Get it cleaned and make a claim to the court. That's what we do. Why should you be different?

    Mind you, the Property Manager needs to address the alleged statement that the tenant was not to clean the ceilings. How did light bulbs get changed?

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    Excuse the poor English and grammar previously was using my phone to reply. Finally someone with a little common sense, exactly my thoughts re the lightbulbs. I have since found out that the property manager in charge of my property is actually a friend of the tenant in my property. This is very poor form of my management company as this is a huge conflict of interest.

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    Standard stuff - bond inspection and claiming back related costs


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