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    Default Premises Condition Report

    Hi guys,

    I've got a corporate type tenant looking at a property and they want a comprehensive "Premises Condition Report".

    Who do I get to do one of these?

    South Auckland area.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Its a record of condition and maintenance needed so that when the lease ends the condition to be restored to can be determined.

    A prudent record to have but should you pay ? the complimentary report is a dllapidation report that reports condition at the end of lease period. This provides the comparison.

    The bigger bulding surveyors would do this but they know how to charge. A good condition repot with good photos and defects and existing damage noted might suffice. You need to write them with a careful read of the lease in mind.

    avoids disputes later hopfully but protects the tenant more? Maybe they should pay and you agre to
    it and make part of lease agreement?

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    Thanks JTB. Yeah I think it's a good idea since they will be doing a fitout.

    And yes, I think they should pay. I've already paid for an asbestos report and for some remediation of that which was unnecessary since it was deemed very low risk - but the tenant wanted it.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    so the condition to be recorded is the space before the fitout? which they then need to restore to, or get your agreement on at termination?

    Was it a condition of the lease?

    In any event you should make your own record with dated photo as things can get nasty at termination in 10 years or whatever and no one can remeber what was what. and you get left with cleanup cost.


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