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    Default Building inspector - Auckland

    Does anyone know a good building inspector in Auckland? Thank you

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    Hi all :-). I'm a bit surprised that nobody has replied to my question. I couldn't find any recent discussion on the topic here, so it shouldn't be a duplicate. I hope I haven't violated any rules and posted it into a correct location. If not please let me know.

    Anyhow I ended up contacting Phil from Cornerstone (cpis.co.nz) and would like to recommend his services to anyone who needs building inspector. I was looking into buying a property in between the Flat Bush and Clover park, but not anymore. Apparently it is in need of complete re-cladding. The owners have done some cosmetic repairs and spray painted over everything. From the outside it looked like a property in good condition (at least to my unprofessional eyes), but with a lot of water damage underneath. Phil has found a bunch of other issues with the property as well (roof, electric, shower and e.t.c.).

    The best part is that apparently the agent knew about the cladding issues, but decided not to tell me. Is it just unprofessional or is it illegal?

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    it's illegal

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    Is there anything I can do about it?

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    Certainly - complain to agent's manager and REA

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