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    Question Minor dwelling Waikato/Waipa/Hamilton

    Hi everyone,

    I've been lurking for a bit, and doing a lot of reading, but this is my first post. We're wanting to start investing in property and we're looking at buying a rental and then adding a minor dwelling. Apologies if this has been asked a zillion times before, but I'm still not clear on whether the minor dwelling can be rented to a different tenant from the person renting the main house.

    Also, has anyone added a minor dwelling under Waikato District Council? We'd potentially look at Waipa too, but they seem to be much stricter, and the minor dwelling needs to basically look like part of the existing house (if I understand correctly). Hamilton is also a possibility. Anyone done it in any of these places?

    And finally - has anyone used QuickBuild Homes?

    Thanks all!

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    The whole idea of a minor dwelling is that you can rent it out to a separate household.

    There are planning rules that need to be satisfied (ring council on this)but a local draftsman would know these. or talk to a specialist in the area. Creating a new household attracts development levy.

    Building act needs fire and sound separation for a separate household but a separate building satisfies this. If joined to main dwelling then fire walls are needed.

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    That's great - thanks very much, John.

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    Hi Magpie,

    If you are looking in Hamilton, I would also look at Duplex rules.

    - Minor dwelling - issue is that both houses are on one title, so you have to sell it as one. This greatly restricts your market for selling. Also limited on size.

    - Subdivision - needs a bigger section, but then you can sell the two seperately.

    - Duplex - You might be too small to subdivide, but if you add a new house that is joined to the existing, then you might fit under duplex rules. Then be able to get two seperate titles, so that you can sell the two houses seperately. You might also be able to build a bigger house, or go two storey.

    The Duplex idea can give a lot more value than a minor dwelling.

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    Excellent tips, thanks Ross!

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    where are duplex rules?


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