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    I wonder how much of this is exaggeration - media hype - and how much is really a consequence of the anti-LL reforms embarked upon by Taxcindarella and Dhil Twitford & Co.

    From $200,000 a year to a desperate search for a rental property

    Young mum-of-two booted out of motel ahead of Sevens guests' arrival

    The use of the expression, "booted out," was used when it was simply a matter of a prior booking becoming due.

    "I think it's really unfair. Regardless of the booking, WINZ should have had something set up beforehand and told us beforehand. They would have known the Sevens were on."
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    Life is unfair. Otherwise I wouldn't have to pay for some useless human flesh who can only breed.

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    Cooling house prices and rising yields in many areas are slowly changing the landscape for residential property investors
    23 Jan 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Interest.co.nz
    There are signs the residential investment property market is slowly cooling, according to interest.co.nz's Rental Yield Indicator. The Indicator tracks the gross rental yields (a property's annual rental income expressed as a percentage of its purchase price) that would be achieved if an investor bought a three bedroom house at the REINZ's lower quartile selling price for such properties, in 56 locations around the country where there is a high level of rental activity, and rented it at the median rent for three bedroom houses in the same location.
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