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    Default Consumer & Stuff Stoop to New Lows of Inaccuracy

    What a Crock of Crap!

    There are so many falsehoods in this biased BS masquerading as news, I'm not even going to start.

    Rise of property management industry 'significantly disadvantaging tenants'
    26 August 2018

    Presuming that the Stuff item is accurate (always a dangerous presumption), a major concern is that Consumer degrades its already jaded reputation by jumping on the poor tenants - nasty LLs bandwagon.

    All 'private' tenants should apply to become HNZ tenants and benefit from evermore taxpayer largesse, courtesy of Taxcindarella et al.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    What a Crock of Crap!

    There are so many falsehoods in this biased BS masquerading as news, I'm not even going to start.
    Yes, it's just pure BS. The irony being the drive to have more regulation of tenancies just means it's the large property managers who prosper. Keeping up with changes gets too hard for most of the smaller operations.


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