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    Default Investing in small country towns in Australia

    What are your thoughts on investing in these areas? As your first investment?

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    that if you had done so during the mining boom you could be really hurting right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
    that if you had done so during the mining boom you could be really hurting right now

    Like this property investor who went from Property Investor of the Year to financial stress - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNAq...&index=19&t=0s

    Or this couple - https://youtu.be/hYMiTlZ9iN4?t=976

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    With the current spending and budget trends in Australia, it makes sense to at least consider investing in a property outside the city, specifically in country towns. Income stats show that Australian homeowners coming from double-income earning households spend more than 29% of their monthly income on mortgage payments. With the increasing cost of housing, people are now over-extending their finances and becoming subject to mortgage stress. Some even end up spending nearly 45% of their income on their loan repayments.

    Compared to the big cities, properties in country towns are significantly more affordable. You can expect to pay a reasonable amount of money and get a decent-sized home nestled in a more rural setting. Whereas $600-650,000 might get you a one-bedroom unit in Sydney, the same amount could buy you a three or four-bedroom house on a spacious plot of land in a country town.

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    Although, I'm planning to invest in Mildura as it seems a low population about 53,015 and cheap city to live right now. A long term as well as secured for future investment and maturity up-to 6-8 years. I must say real estate industry is being competitive to find out best spots to invest.


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