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    Quote Originally Posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
    You frugal bunch Twitford has been listening in - he may even be one of us - and is now trying to get you to upgrade your car... see the transport announcement today!
    Weird aye? I thought they hated roads?
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyernzl View Post

    - private car, well into six figures and the insurance premium would make your eyes water.


    But what the hell - there are no pockets in a shroud!
    (There is a time to accumulate and then a time to spend).
    Awesome sound !
    You're right, there's a time for everything & all this anti landlord stuff has got me thinking seriously about what i am trying to achieve.
    At least one rental is going on the market, time to make use of some of the equity i have built up by scrimping & saving for years.
    2 - 3 tenants will no longer have the option to rent an Akld CBD Townhouse, (unless someone here is interested)

    The billions promised to be spent on roads is attractive from one point of view, but when you read that it is being funded by fuel tax & ratepayers it rather changes the picture - more incompetent spending of Other Peoples Money by the Red Army !

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    Twitford managed to build 18 kiwibuild houses in a year and most of them were already in the pipeline pre kiwibuikd with all the focus he put on it.

    how do you think he’s gonna go trying to build roads??

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    Thousands of middle-earners are retiring in their forties with no mortgage and £25,000 ($50,000) a year to spend, it was revealed today.

    Experts say anyone can "go from broke to never needing to work again" by saving 50 per cent or even 75 per cent of their salary each month.

    These "super-savers" then invest it in property and low-risk shares for ten to 20 years and bank the profits every year, according to the Daily Mail.

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    To me, that's not the same as being frugal, unless it's frugal now to play later.
    True, I struggle with the term “frugal” too. Also I do not fit the box “playing later”
    Life is short. For me it's about keeping things in balance - time and money, income and expenses, DIY or contracting out, and so on. When the balance isn't right I feel it. I drink my beer today not waiting for tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klauster View Post
    True, I struggle with the term “frugal” too. Also I do not fit the box “playing later”
    Life is short. For me it's about keeping things in balance - time and money, income and expenses, DIY or contracting out, and so on. When the balance isn't right I feel it. I drink my beer today not waiting for tomorrow.

    On a day by day basis, we can be described as 'frugal' as we avoid all eating out or spending any money during work day but if we want to go on a holiday or buy a better quality product, we are more than happy to spend the money.
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    Someone's frugal is someone else's frivilous.

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    I think frugality is good - in fact it's a necessity to get any savings or retirement plan sorted in a short timeframe. Miserly is different and obviously negative and it's easy to confuse the two. Like flyernzl says it's different for everyone. Marc and I are typically spenders and we need to rein in our impulsive buys. It's a daily battle and I guess it's like an addict. If you've given up something, the desire for it doesn't go away.

    I like that read on NZHerald. It's about the long term focus of saving what you can and realising whatever it is - it's a step up from nothing and due to whatever you're going through your saving amount can be increased or decreased accordingly.


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    Default You What?

    Here's a corollary question.

    Very strongly related, IMNSHO.

    Are 'the rest' (non-PIs?) possessed of (what I'll call) a poverty mentality?

    Please don't ask me to define "poverty mentality," because I suspect most of you would hazard a very close guess as to what that might be.

    Mike Hosking: I still say if you earn $100,000 you're not poor, just poor with money
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    Hosking is right. I think long term PI's have to become financially competent or they will fail so it's a forced education. It may be more true to state that PI's tend to be more financially literate than most people rather than it being a mentality. It's a lack of education.


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