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    From a vaguely recalled precedent, if evidence is provided on CD or USB drive, it must be accepted, so long as it can be adduced in a way that the other side can 'see' it and it can be held as an 'exhibit.'

    See here.
    1 Introduction
    1.1 This protocol is a guideline to be used by counsel and the Courts. It is intended to encourage and facilitate the use of electronic documents for civil cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
    If it's accepted practice in senior courts, one could reasonably expect the TT Kangaroo Kourts to follow. However, given general attitudes of the Klutzes in control and its tendency to 'lawlessness,' I suspect that even the pro-Tenants Tribunal may feel superior to - and snub - senior courts and gummint policy in regard to electronic evidence.
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    Be in a position to have 3 copies of the video available. One for the court, one for the other side and yours.

    Maybe even take a laptop so it can be shown if they fail to have equipment ready.


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