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    Quote Originally Posted by Micholas View Post
    Thank you for your comments everyone I appreciate the thoughts.

    Even though I believe I am in the right here and the tenant did not make a reasonable attempt to contact me.
    I don't think anyone would think a phone call and a text is not a 'reasonable' attempt.

    Your case would stand or fall on "likely to cause injury to persons or property or is otherwise serious and urgent". If an insecure garage door would allow unsecured access to the house, I can see how that would cause concern.

    Remember that the tenant doesn't necessarily know of any other options (builders, brother, google, ....), so took the only course they thought they had
    at the time.

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    At least the tenant is proactive, many would just leave it or try and fix themselves (like they did with the hole in the wall that wasn't done to your satisfaction). I would check the repair bill and if it is a warranty issue then meet with the building company to have them reimburse you.


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