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    Default Building manager would not listen

    Hi all,

    I have never owned an apartment but I do now. Don't know what to do with a small problem.

    This is a multistorey building with over 200 apartments. There is a cleaner which seems not to be doing good job.

    A small patch of carpet by the main entrance door is always dirty with cigarette buts and other stuff. I have recently asked the building manager, very politely, to get a cleaner clean it. The manager mentioned that it gets cleaned every day but given the number of occupants it is impossible to maintain it clean. This was not true as this carpet was cleaned last time perhaps many months ago if at all.

    The problem may not be resolved as the manager and cleaners appear to be from the same country which in my opinion has a low standard of cleanliness. Apparently they think that the dirty entrance is not an issue.

    Shall I contact the BC chairman to put pressure on the building manager? Any advice/suggestions as to how to deal with this small problem?


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    buy a dustpan & brush. Lead by example.

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    this is a short term solution. I can try it. However, it may have an unintended effect. Next time they will give up cleaning the lobby in hope that I will lead by example again. In the end they get paid for it, should not they do the job?

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    Give BM written request to clear more often, in letter ask for a bin and signs there. Follow up at next BC meeting

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    Why are their cigarette butts inside a building? Surely it is a non smoking zone?

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    The building manager works on behalf of the body corporate managing the contracted agents like cleaners etc.
    The first step for me would be asking for a copy of the cleaning contract, and pass on the problem onto the committee with CC to the Chairperson.
    Unit owners own a share of the common property and are responsible to keep it in clean and good working order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
    buy a dustpan & brush. Lead by example.
    As above, but deposit the collection outside the managers office. This will also help to show its a daily occurrence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsvee View Post
    As above, but deposit the collection outside the managers office. This will also help to show its a daily occurrence.
    Thank you all for your suggestions. I have noticed that cleaners started cleaning the carpeted area by the entrance door.

    Though not vacuum cleaned but with a brush. Still better than nothing.

    Your advice noted down, if need be I will request a copy of the contract with cleaners, follow it up in the annual meeting, will clean the

    entrance area myself and put the rubbish bag by the manager's office. I like the last bit a lot.

    very helpful community here, thank you guys.

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    Yep try the chairman and then perhaps if that doesn't work find out from the other owners are unhappy and then try and have get the manager changed.
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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