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    Default Can you rent out part of a property under a Tenancy Agreement?

    Hi all.
    We have a commercial accommodation business and would like to expand, it may be possible to purchase an adjoining empty section out back which could be subdivided.
    It is doubtful that we could get resource consent to operate a lodge commercially on that property, so we are considering just subdividing and building two townhouses.
    I need to know if I can rent the new houses out while still retaining some of the land for use in my business.
    I recall a long time ago it used to be easy to specify in a tenancy agreement that for example the tenant does not have access to the freestanding garage and the landlord gets to use it.
    I've had PMs looking after my residential properties for ten years now, so I'm not up to date with any changes to the law which may have been made in that regard.
    Is it still possible to add such conditions to a tenancy agreement?

    Kind Regards

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    the question is rather what could possibly stop you doing this.

    You may need to protect the living and service courts that the dwellings are approved with but position these outside the area that you want to use and i dont see a problem as long as you dont subdivide the land. But if you want to retain then build the dwellings as of right without cost of subdivision now?

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    Fantastic. Thanks John.


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