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    Default For whom – subsidies and tax?

    Tax is blood flow of the country and likelihood of taxpayers. Do people really care? Examples just to illustrate; take the petrol tax of approx. $ 1.15 per litre being double taxed by GST, or look at the insufficient NZ Super – paid to people in need, but claimed back by tax... No good examples? Try the subsidy for insulation or heating. I tried the insulation scheme only once. Other landlord’s experiences are similar when browsing this forum. They are a distortion of market prices – taxpayers (consumers) have to pay even more!

    Taxes are necessary - have you ever called or requested an answer from the IRD Customer Service? Sure as landlord/investor you did – and, did you get what you deserved, a prompt and sufficient answer? Firstly you can wait weeks for a reply, each time a different answer from a different Service Officer. Well, they don’t mind, they charge you interests and penalties anyway – no matter how long it takes, even by making the mistake you enquire about on their IRD system – at the end it’s your problem, right?

    As I see it, the taxation policies and subsidies are nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing – helping approved “agents” by pushing up prices. That happens on taxpayer’s expense and gets repeated often enough for people to believe it. When looking for answers - follow the money flow, who banks the cash-flow? I still believe in good policies with reliable services and incentives to encourage taxpayers to invest in families and businesses, how about you? Are you struggling with appearances of problems and ill managed policies?

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    When you speak of "follow the money flow," keep in mind that the IRD collects the money that pays their own wages, as well as the stipends of their political servants-but-pseudo-masters. An unholy alliance if ever there was one.

    Even judges need to be 'measured' in what they say, as the IRD pays their salaries, too.
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