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    Default Minimum vertical clearance of driveway too low to subdivide

    I'm trying to figure out if the dimensions of my existing driveway will allow me to use it for access to a rear site if I subdivide. (I really hope so as there's no other option without moving the house). I'm in Te Atatu Peninsula, and I know from Auckland Council's website that the drive has to have 2.5m formed width and 3.8m "vertical clearance".

    I assume 'vertical clearance' is the amount of clear space I need above the 'formed width' of the driveway. Does anyone have any experience with how fussy the council are on this? My driveway is 2.55m wide (just enough), but the house's eves are 2.8m above the ground and hang over about 40cm of this width. In other words, only about 2.15m of the formed width has the 3.8m of vertical clearance. Any thoughts on whether this will be a problem for the council, and if so whether there are any solutions besides moving the house?

    Thanks in advance

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    It is a long read but this may help you.

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    Jon, if you must have it wider for the full height, explore the cost of a consented alteration to remove the eve/overhang on the offending edge of the current house. While not free, it will be much cheaper than moving the house.

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    you can demolish part of a house without consent under schedule 1. The issues will be dealt with as part of subdivision

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    2.8m would give issues for any large vehicle like a truck.
    Aside from the council it would create issues in the future with it being run into.
    Ask the council but that is very different to 3.8m so I think it is pushing your luck.

    Chop the corner off the house (or the roof).


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