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    Quote Originally Posted by nano View Post
    It seems I haven't myself clear.
    I paid both ceiling and floor when they sent me the invoice.
    Clear to me
    Now you have evidence that you paid for a service that wasn't delivered and will have to try to deal with the original contractor and get it done or recompense.
    May end up in the disputes tribunal.

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    Yes I was confused, bit like nano who was originally told he had a concrete floor and then told by another contractor that he didn't. I would have assumed that most people would know if their floor was concrete or timber and would also be able to look under the house for themselves to check if it had been insulated or not before paying an invoice.

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    Unfortunately, the company does not exist anymore and it would be very difficult to track down. All I know is the assessor's first name. I'll just be careful next time.


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