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    Cool Question on driveways and property boundaries when subdividing


    I want to subdivide and building a new house on the back of my property (in Auckland). I'm hoping to use the existing driveway as access for the rear property, but I think this might "violate" the rules of the unitary plan.

    Specifically, the driveway is hard up against the boundary on one side, and on it's other side it's hard up against the existing property. This means if I subdivided and made the driveway part of the new property the existing property would be hard up against the boundary. I think the UP says this is not allowed - you need 1m between the boundary and the property.

    Can anyone tell me if this situation means I won't be able to make the existing driveway part of the rear section (i.e., because it would mean my existing house was on the boundary formed by the house-side of the driveway)? If so, are there any other options? For example, maybe the driveway can be shared land (sorry, don't know the technical term) as then my house would be over 1m from the (shared) boundary??

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    P.S. if you've enjoyed giving me driveway advice, check out my other driveway related thread "driveway too narrow to subdivide?"
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    If you retain row over shared drive different rules apply - not sure if to half way assuming half on each title. You should also think of if you want the noise of people driving that close to your house or into it after a few. Capability of doing something is not equal to desirability. I refer specifically to a short term gain probably less than you anticipate v the desirability of a bigger property in the light of increasing tinier sections.

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    the 1m clearance may be fire requirements to the existing building so that you dont create non compliance?


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